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Nurse Assistant Program (At the moment we are not offering this course!)

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About this course

Nurse Assistants provide basic hands-on care to  patients in long-term care facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation  centers  and even patients' own  homes. This  course  is  designed  to  prepare NA candidates for the CNA certification exam in the  State of California.

What you'll learn


3 weeks of study - 156 HOURS

Monday - Friday        8 - 4:30


Orientation and Introduction

Patient Rights

Communications and Interpersonal Skills

Prevention and Management of Catastrophe and Natural Occurrence

Body Mechanics

Medical and Surgical Asepsis

Weights and Measurements

Patient Care Skills


7 weeks of study - 156 HOURS

Tuesday - Thursday, Some Saturday and Sundays


Patient Care Procedures

Vital Signs


Emergency Procedures/CPR

Long-Term Care Resident

Rehabilitative Nursing

Observation and Charting


   English as a first language

• Be at least 17 years old.

• Present proof of passing a physical exam.

• Pass a criminal background check.


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